Can I match my leather sneakers with my elegant outfit?

Can I match my leather sneakers with my elegant outfit?

For a special occasion we often wonder whether it’s best to break up our outfit with a more practical item. For instance, women prefer short heels matched with a beautiful long dress.
Do men have the same chance too?


How to match your sneakers with a smart outfit

The answer is the following: it depends on the shoes. Usually, when we shop, we find oursel-ves having to choose between either a comfortable pair of shoes sacrificing the elegance or a more elegant (but not so comfortable) pair. We at Artioli have always had a clear objective in mind: to create shoes that inspire both elegance and comfort.

After all the Artioli shoes are created to serve a main purpose: look nice on your feet and protect them too.

In a formal oc-casion it is possible to match simple with more complex elements and yet still look nice. No-wadays fashion imposes a certain “relaxed” elegance, to which you don’t want to renounce.

Leather is one of the most refined materials: it is elegant by definition

There is a significant difference between plain sneakers and refined leather sneakers.

Our sneakers carry names like Andrè, Andriy, Armando, Kevin, Kimi, Lionel, Pavel e Roger and we invest our time and our knowledge in these shoes. The production of a pair of sneakers requires an important procedure because they must be esthetically beautiful but also comfortable. The final product is always the perfect match for each occasion.

For this reason we at Artioli look for the perfect creation: comfort is a must, but we never forget esthetics and its importance and for this we make sure that our customers always look good.

Wearing an elegant dress requires posture too: it’s not about the outfit, being simple or com-plex, but it’s about the way we wear an item that makes that it very special.

For this reason we ask you to dare to try out our shoes.

We offer different models of sneakers, easily adaptable to all types of elegant clothing. There are many colors and sizes, you just need to find the one for your occasion. Our shoes are wonders that last through time. They will fit perfectly on your feet and will be with you during all your important occasions. Fashion is to dare after all.

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