Discover the luxury brand of Artioli: Our Story

Discover the luxury brand of Artioli: Our Story

We have always worked with our customers to track the latest fashions. We have always understood that though fashion is important so is the quality of the product.

The beginning of Artioli

The shoes, belts, jackets and bags we produce don’t just have a high level of aesthetic, but they are also comfortable and overall they last in time. To buy a luxury product is a serious choice: for this reason we have always chosen the best quality materials to express the best with our products.

Our products on the market are refined in all aspects. The manufacturing of each product is the result of hours of hard work and days spent researching and analyzing market statistics. We adapt to fashion while we observe customer tastes so that we can offer our customers a wide choice.
Currently our products are preferred by – world famous people – Heads of State – celebrities and many others. The passion we have is praised by our customers’ absolute fidelity: our brand is made to last.

Artioli since 1912

Artioli began in 1912, in Ferrara. Severino Artioli was an apprentice in a small shoe shop, but he instantaneously knew that each pair of shoes must respect some absolute criteria like innovation, beauty, quality and comfort. We could not fail these principles during manufacturing and production processes.
Our brand is based on the knowledge of Master Severino Artioli: since three generations, with Vito Artioli (1936) and currently with Andrea Artioli (1969), we carry on Master Severino’s great knowledge that accompanies us in our daily work.

Our Duty to Family Tradition

To carry on the family tradition is our duty.

The family secrets are and will be passed down to the next generations: though, we study and we keep ourselves updated with courses so that the past can perfectly meet the present, and we can create high quality products.

The engine that drives Artioli items is perfection: our shoes, the leather we wisely produce, and the constant research for beauty is what supports our work in every occasion.
Artioli style is famous and renowned in the whole world: on our website you can browse the catalog where we present the different types of shoes. You can find casual shoes, the attention for the classic type, sandals and sneakers.

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