Men’s clothing: better crocodile or snake skin?

Men’s clothing: better crocodile or snake skin?

When browsing the men’s fashion catalogue, we can see that leather is the most popular material. The reason why leather is still used today is that it is one of the best materials in the world.

Why are leather garments best on the market?

Leather gives a distinctive aroma to all types of garments: whether we have a briefcase or a belt, we can immediately tell that it is not poor material. After a long time, a garment inevitably gets worn out. Leather is one of the most resistant materials in the world and can last for a long time.

Contrary to fake leather, leather is a purchase that can help us save money if you consider the amount of time that a leather garment is going to last. Here you can find more details about two of the many types of leather: crocodile skin and snake skin.
Regarding production: making a leather product requires commitment, ability and determination.

Working the leather during the production stage is really important. We cannot afford any mistake otherwise we will end up ruining such a precious and rare material.

Two significant types of leather: crocodile and snake

The crocodile is one of the most bought type of leather ever: resistant, aesthetically impeccable, and with a truly exceptional look.

Snake, however, is one of the most multipurpose: a snakeskin accessory will never be the same as another one. This is because of the different species of snakes and each one has its own peculiarity that makes it very special.

Honestly, no one type of leather better than another. Of course, caiman leather, for example, is a poorer type compared to the python or alligator. The latter is the most expensive, while the crocodile or the snake can be more affordable.

It is not just a matter of fashion: both the reptile and the crocodile effects are extremely fashionable, elegant and refined. It is obvious that we are in the presence of a high fashion good. In fact, the major leather production companies rely on leather every year.

As for us at Artioli, we have been working with leather for over a hundred years. For us it has no secrets anymore and we know how precious and rare of a material it is.
Please browse our catalogues to find out more about our products and find the best option for you.

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