Men’s leather belts – How to match them with formal clothing

Men’s leather belts – How to match them with formal clothing

Choosing the right belt is a way to further enrich your wardrobe. There are different aspects to consider before buying one and often it’s not just a matter of personal taste.

Men’s fashion does not have many accessories compare to women’s fashion. Belts are one of the most important added value to use both in formal and informal occasions.

Men’s leather belts – how to make your outfit unforgettable

Why do we use belts? This accessory was born from a pure and simple necessity: in the past people could not spend too much money on trousers, especially after loosing weight or simply while growing during adolescence.Of all the models on the market, for you we highlight classical, formal and sport belts.
Of course, there are many sub-categories, but the question is: can you match a leather belt to a formal outfit?

At Artioli, we are always mindful of the needs of our elite clientele when creating belts. On our website we present our leather belts’ different models like the great classical black calf skin, but for your personal taste we can offer you more hides to go with our footwear.

The important role of the belt is to complete and define a man’s style in every aspect.

So the belt was born mainly to adapt trousers perfectly to each physical change and eventually it became an important accessory to refine men’s style.

The winning formula: a belt with a formal outfit

For sure, we can choose a belt that allows us to send a special message. You don’t want to be too predictable by choosing elegant clothing for a formal occasion without adding a special detail like a belt. The simplicity typical of its design makes the belt a refined and yet practical accessory.
We should not exceed in elegance and use too many accessories.

For this reason we should buy belts that can go well for every occasion and that are going to last for a long time. For example once you buy a casual belt, you will be able to use it for a long time and on many different occasions, like an aperitivo with friends or even a romantic rendez-vous.

Artioli offers you various choices: Henry – a whiskey colored calf skin with kangaroo cognac colored embellishments. A very elegant choice and yet not too excessive in style and with a very refined design.

It is perfect for all the occasions and you can match it with a formal outfit and even wear it at work.

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