Python leather shoes: a mix of quality, elegance and fashion

Python leather shoes: a mix of quality, elegance and fashion

Throughout history, leather has always been used by mankind to make clothing items. Since ancient times, we have examples of shoes made of leather or wood. These were the most common materials used in the past because they were easy to find and even though the hide was very difficult to treat.

Reasons to choose python leather

Every year, fashion companies decide to launch an evergreen from the past: a look to vintage items is always a good choice. Among the must-haves in a man’s shoe rack we can certainly find the python leather shoes. This a product of high quality and of an innate elegance, which certainly cannot ignore.

Python skin is mostly used for bags and shoes. It is one of the finest and most sophisticated materials: you can realize shoes of perfect manufacture and timeless beauty.

The reptile effect is loved by both women and men: the printed reptile effect, for example, is even used for clothes, t-shirts or skirts. For those who love to dare in fact we have skirts totally made in python leather.

The choice is vast: we have a large catalogue of different types of leather to choose from. However, only few can equate the royalty of python leather because of its nuances, incredible colors, which vary in tones and shades and never look the same.

Advantages of python leather shoes

Many shoe makers, usually, have to add decorations to increase the charm of leather shoes. It is not the case of python leather, which is refined in every detail. Because of its infinite number of shades we produce models that are among the most desired by men.

We have a kaleidoscope of many different tones because of the python leather.

During the manufacturing process of the shoes, we at Artioli know how important it is to treat this type of leather in the best possible way, so that it will perform at its best when it’s worn. It is in fact true that we consider each of our pairs of shoes like a little masterpiece.

Nowadays a pair of shoes has to look nice but also be comfortable and durable. Producing one pair can take us months and because of this we can only offer the best to our customers.

If you are intrigued, please take a look at the catalogue to discover our python leather shoes.

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